CSR Policy

Goingbo as an organization has always endeavored to contribute in every possible way to fulfill its commitment as a responsible corporate resident of India. According to this Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy, we are trying to help and support to bring about positive difference to communities, where we exist. The main objective of this Policy is to establish focused and sustainable contribution towards the growth of the community vide various initiatives and programmes through Company’s.

We in the GoingBo believe that every human has right to live a respectful and fulfilled life and We Cherish for 'Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu' and only involved in child education and medical treatment but also helping the old abd orphan in their respectful rehabilitation.we as our committment to corporate resident of India has established focussed and sustainable contribution towards the growth and well beings, and we have different initiatives and programmes to achieve this.