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Dubai is located on the Southeast coast of the Persian Gulf. Dubai is famous for its Skyscrapers and High Building, one of the example is Burj Khalifa. Tourism is also an important part for service industries such is IT and Finance. Dubai is roughly at Sea Level, the emirate of Dubai shares borders with Abu Dhabi in the South.
Pattaya is famous resort city in Thailand; it is situated on the East Coast of the Gulf of Thailand. Bangkok is more expensive then Pattaya, price in Pattaya are generally cheaper. A lot of beach town are presented here.

From the infamous Singapore Sling to fabulous shopping and nightlife, colourful neighbourhoods and mouth-watering cuisine, the small city-island of Singapore packs a punch. Come here for a relaxing break or a luxury respite before heading on to one of its more frantic neighbours.Turn this itinerary suggested by into your personal dream trip. To modify this itinerary just enter your travel details and get a personal quote.

The Fiji Islands is a group of unspoiled, magical and exotic islands in the South. Our 333 islands are the epitome of the picture postcard perfection with a kaleidoscope of romantic and stunning settings and venues that will satisfy the most discerning and exotic of tastes. Fiji is the perfect hideaway for honeymooners, families, sports, divers, nature lovers, independent travelers and tour groups. Fiji is the perfect destination choice for you

Discover fascinating local culture, ancient cave temples, stunning sunsets, the famous Sigiriya rock fortress, spice gardens, tea plantations, epic waterfalls, travel the worlds most scenic train journey, spot wild elephants, crocodiles and amazing birdlife on Safari, relax on gorgeous white sandy beaches, learn to surf, teach Buddhist monks English, experience local life, party on the beach and more! With an awesome group leader from the moment you step off

One of Southeast Asias lesser-known countries, Laos is definitely off the beaten track, but it has retained its culture, charm and traditional village life, wild jungle and stunning countryside. Come here for tradition and mystery and a unique adventure.Turn this itinerary suggested by into your personal dream trip. To modify this itinerary just enter your travel details and get a personal quote.

Home of bungy jumping and a magnet to every adventure activity imaginable, Queenstown is not the soft option if you are looking for a challenge. From the Maori adventurers looking for pounamu (greenstone, the green gold) in the 1100's to the gold miner and high country sheep farmers in 1860's, on the edge lifestyles have always been the norm here. The culture of adventure still rules and now being home to.

The long, narrow stretch of Chile extends along thousands of kilometres of Pacific Ocean coastline on the western extremity of South America. From the gleaming skyscrapers and high-speed freeways of its capital, Santiago, surrounded by the Andes and Coast mountain ranges, to the worlds driest desert, lush forested expanses and spectacular arrays

They say that Mauritius was fashioned out of the handbook of the Gods. For the most part, its true. Sparkling cerulean waters, sugar icing shores, soft sage palms and jagged indigo mountains frame the land with ethereal wonder. Beauty imbues every inch of natures island rhapsody. Is it any wonder that people travel far and wide to share in this magic? And it doesnt hurt that the nation is home to some of the best water sports and cuisine in the world! ,

There was an era when travelling to Thailand was considered dangerous. Times have changed now and it is one of the leading tourist destinations in the world. And it has a lot going on for itself. Whether you choose luxurious, modern Bangkok or simple living in Koh Samui, there is a holiday for every budget in Thailand. Travel inland and enjoy the never-ending plains and hills of the Golden Triangle. Or head out to the coast to laze at the white-sanded beaches of

Have you ever answered the question if you were stuck on an island, what would you bring? Books, people, food, some form of entertainment. Well, luckily, the island were going to describe today needs none of the above. You only step onto the soft, warm sand of the beaches, feel the blue green waves slip under your feet and in between your toes, hear the beat of the music, smell the lime, coconut and chilly of a tangy fish soup to understand